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Mr. Mukund Awsarmal- Founder & CEO OMX

Mr. Mukund Awasarmal - Founder & CEO

In March 2014, Mr. Mukund Awasarmal, Commenced his entrepreneurial journey with the successful launch of OMX Technologies.
As a graduate of Business Administration, he made a pivotal decision to channel his skills and expertise into the IT sector. He is focused on creating a world where businesses in India could thrive globally.
However, what distinguishes Mr. Awasarmal is his genuine work ethic and Firm commitment to excellence. His Intense dedication and innovative approach Have earned him a renowned position among clients, especially in the Medical Sector. Over the years, He had the privilege of serving and earning the trust of an impressive clientele comprising 1200 organizations within the healthcare sector.
Through his Exceptional service, Mr. Awasarmal has consistently demonstrated his ability to understand the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare organizations as well as other sectors. He approaches each project with a client-centric mindset, ensuring that the solutions he formulated are tailored to meet their specific needs while keeping up with industry regulations and standards. He consistently goes over and above to exceed client expectations and drive positive outcomes.
Due to his focused vision, OMX Technologies has achieved remarkable growth and is Renowned as a Growth hacking Company in Pune, serving over 1200+ customers across various digital marketing services including website development, SEO, and social media marketing.
Under his amazing leadership, Omx Technologies has reached its clientele nationally and internationally. The success of OMX Technologies can be attributed to Mr. Awasarmal’s visionary leadership, effective team-building strategies, and the continued dedication of all employees to delivering exceptional services.
Despite encountering challenges like High competition and an immensely evolved industry, Constant encouragement and active motivation from Mr. Awasarmal, OMX Technologies has been able to Rank higher and higher with Happy and satisfied clients. OMX Technologies has emerged as a prominent force in the digital marketing landscape, solidifying its position as a formidable player as a Top Growth Marketing Company in  Pune, India.
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