Dr. Rohit Luthra


Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune

Dr. Rohit Luthra is a Joint Replacement Surgeon, Arthroscopy Surgeon And Consultant Orthopaedic in Pune. Currently, he is working as a Head at Nobel hospital Hadapsar.

Dr. Luthra is a pioneer in doing computer navigated knee surgery which is better than conventional Knee Replacement.


Dr.Rohit Luthra is the best  Joint Replacement Surgeon in Pune.

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We applied a two-pronged SEO approach to get Dr. Rohit Luthra to rank for highly-desired keyword searches and generate significant traffic. The first method involved reviewing and updating onsite components like meta description, web content, anchor texts, internal links, etc. to increase search relevance. The second method was focused on building online presence outside its website (offsite SEO) across high authority web platforms, directories, etc. Together these two practices helped us deliver data-driven results with pinpoint accuracy.


Our team came up with approach for Dr. Rohit Luthra in which the social media presence along with LinkedIn profile was to be leveraged to create conversations. There were two clear objectives before us: – branding and generating enquiries. To achieve them, we began with Facebook and Instagram advertising. It was adopted for driving traffic to the online portal. The core purpose of our social media strategy was to ensure that the creatives, which were designed to reflect the brand’s side. We focus on Paid advertising to generate maximum leads.

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